Advancing mental health care through enhanced neural plasticity.

Syntropic is a pre‑clinical stage medical device company developing new technologies that enhance the brain’s neuroplasticity, allowing for the treatment of psychiatric disorders and the improvement of cognition

Syntropic’s mission is to advance mental health care through the development of innovative technologies that target underlying causes of brain disorders.

Syntropic offers a non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment for mental health disorders. Through light stimulation, neural remodeling is activated by instructing the immune cells of the brain to support in healing and recovery.

Psychiatric disorders are a severe burden on society

Psychiatric disorders have become a severe burden on society. In Europe alone, an estimated 90M people are living with depression. For those people, the standard treatment options remain to be antidepressants which have now been in use for over 50 years. These options are no longer good enough, where over 50% of people will relapse and over 30% of patients will receive no benefit at all. However, new therapies are beginning to offer hope in the treatment of psychiatric disorders by focusing their efforts on promoting neural plasticity, enabling the brain to form new connections and remodel itself.

Syntropic, providing a non-invasive alternative to drug therapy

​​While researching alternative therapies in this space, Syntropic's founders, in Venturino et al., 2021, made a breakthrough discovery whereby the therapeutic effect of ketamine could be replicated using a non‑pharmaceutical and non‑invasive approach. This demonstration, in vivo, showed that Syntropic’s light based therapy reduces symptoms of depression and promotes cognitive function. This was achieved without any side effects, free of pharmaceuticals, and at low cost. The team is now moving forward with clinical development to deliver this technology to those who need it most.

Advancing mental health care for the unmet needs of patients

For patients who fail to receive the clinical benefit and/or struggle with the side‑effects of existing therapies, Syntropic offers a new and novel solution that has the potential to provide long‑lasting relief from psychiatric illness. With a focus on accessibility, affordability and patient‑usability, the solution offers significant benefits to both patients and healthcare systems. Syntropic aims to transform the landscape of mental health care through the advancement of health technology for the unmet needs of patients.



Targets Underlying Causes

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Sandra Siegert Promoted to Professor

A scientific journey that began in Bad Camberg, a small town in Germany, has reached a major milestone at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria with the Professorship of Sandra Siegert coming into effect this month. Professor Sandra Siegert investigates the role of microglia in the

Repeated Ketamine Anesthesia Restarts Plasticity in the Brain

Researchers have discovered two methods to restart plasticity in the brain, repeated ketamine anesthesia and non-invasive light flickering.

Repeated Ketamine Anesthesia Restarts Plasticity in the Brain

Microglia enable mature perineuronal nets disassembly upon anesthetic ketamine exposure or 60-Hz light entrainment in the healthy brain

Venturino et al. show that repeated ketamine anesthesia results in perineuronal net loss, which promotes juvenile-like, ocular-dominance plasticity in adult mice. Microglia are key players in the PNN disassembly, in which 60-Hz light entrainment reproduces that phenotype, providing an alternative, non-invasive strategy to remodel PNNs.

NEUROPLASTICITY 101 - BrainFutures


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